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Related article: Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007 00:20:29 +0000 (GMT) From: Nexis Pas Subject: After the PantoAfter the Panto Nexis Pas Copyright 2007 by the authorFor those of you outside Britain, the `panto' is a wintertime tradition of slapstick comedies ostensibly for children, although it often contains a few `naughty bits' to keep the chaperones awake. Brighton Rock is a form of hard stick candy sold in Brighton; the letters b-r-i-g-h-t-o-n appear just inside the outside edge, so that when the stick is viewed end on, the word `Brighton' appears at every point throughout the length of the stick. `Brighton Rock' is also rhyming slang. Since this is a gay site, I think you will soon realise what the referent is. In the following, Ari and Lewis mangle the words to the Kate Bush song "Wuthering Hussyfan Lolita Heights" for their own purposes, but the quotation from "The Man with Hussyfan Lolita the Child in His Eyes" is directly from the lyrics to the song. You can find videos of Bush singing both songs on Youtube.`Hey, you're back. How did it go?'`Thank god it's over. It sounded like such a good idea in October. Take my nephew to the panto on Christmas Eve, give my sister and brother-in-law a chance to talk with my parents without the nephew demanding attention every other second, be a good uncle, brother, son, bond man to man with Lewis Junior. But in the event it proved unwise in the extreme.'`Didn't he enjoy it? I thought all kids liked the panto.'`Oh, he loved it. But do you know what the Odeon sounds like when there are 5,000 children screaming at Aladdin to watch out for the evil wizard?'`The Odeon doesn't seat that many people.'`They hung them from the ceiling. They were all small and crammed in four to a seat. All of them shouting and eating chocolates. I was the only person over 21 in the entire theatre except for the actors. I've got such a headache. Is there anything to eat? Or drink? Preferably both, but I'll take drink rather than food. I asked the Frog what he wanted to eat afterwards, and he insisted on burgers and chips. As we were leaving my parents' house, my sister specifically told him he was not to eat fast food. So, of course, that put the idea in his head. And nothing would do but the supersized Great Danes at Horatio's Hamburger Hamlet. He ate all of his and most of mine. He also insisted I try this milk shake called a Polonius Assault. He assured me it was the best thing on the menu. It must have contained the annual output of sugar from some Caribbean island along with enough artificial fruit flavourings to poison all of Brighton. It was pink, Ari, pink!!! Like chewing gum.'`It sounds as if you had a great time, Lewis.'`He wants to do it again next year. As I was dropping him off at my parents', he asked if I would take him again next year.'`Next year take him to the Nutcracker.'`I don't think he'll be the type to enjoy ballet.'`Poor Lewis. He's only--what is he now?--seven? And already your namesake is straight. Well, take Lewis Minor to a rugby game. Both of you will enjoy that--men chasing one another in the mud and getting all dirty.'`You and I are going to take a holiday next December. Somewhere without a panto. Can we visit your family in Tel Aviv? Surely there's no panto in Israel.'`Here's your drink. I'm warming some leftover curry in the oven for you.'`You are my lifesaver.'`I even come with a hole in the middle.'`Don't start. I heard enough double entendres today to last a lifetime.'`What are you so squicked about? You usually like that kind of humour.'`My most embarrassing moment.'`What? Why are you mumbling?'`My most embarrassing moment of the day.'`What happened? With that build-up, you've got to tell me.'`Well, when Aladdin recovers his treasure at the end, it turns out to be this chest full of candy, and he and the princess and Widow Twankey pick up handfuls of it and start throwing it into the audience. That causes a major riot. When everything settles down, the Widow Twankey walks over to the horse and reaches under the hind legs. There's this loud sound of a zipper being unzipped. Then the actor playing Twankey pokes around between the horse's legs. Finally he pulls out this enormous stick of Brighton Rock. Of course, all the kiddies thought that was hilarious.'`Well, it was clever. But how did that embarrass you?'`Well, he prances about on the stage, peering out into the audience. He even asked them to raise the house lights so that he could see the "good little boy" who's going to get this "large Brighton Rock up his stocking". Unfortunately I had decided to be the good uncle and popped for expensive seats so that the nephew could see everything. So we're right there in the centre front, and the nephew is jumping up and down, clamouring to be the one who gets the stick. Twankey is pacing back and forth drawing out the suspense. Finally he motions everyone to be quiet. And he says in this queeny voice, "Aha, I see someone who reaaaaaaally enjoys Brighton Rock and who reaaaaaaaaaally knows how to suck on it." And then he leans over the edge of the stage and tosses it in my lap.'`He didn't. Oh, Lewis, that's hilarious. "Someone who really knows how to suck on it." He said that in public? In front of an audience of children. Luckily, that must have gone over their heads.'`Oh, no. The monsters got the joke. All of them. All of them screaming and pointing at me and repeating it. Even the nephew. As we were leaving, a dozen kids stopped me and asked me to show them how to suck on Brighton Rock. And their parents are glaring at me as if I might do just that. I could tell that they wanted to have me arrested for public indecency. But that wasn't the worst.'`There's more?'`When I took him back, the nephew runs into the house holding the stick of Brighton Rock aloft and tells my sister and her husband and my parents what happened. They all thought it was uproarious. This is destined to become a family legend, Ari. I just know it. I'll have to hear about this every time I see them. Uncle Lewis and his Brighton Rock.'`Oh, Lewis, my teacup, come here. Let me give you a hug.'`Teacup? Now you're laughing at me too.'`It was in my English textbook in school. Mr Smith always called Mrs Smith "his little teacup". But Widow Twinky is just lucky I wasn't there. I would have known where to put that Brighton Rock. I would have defended your honour from this travesty.'`You would have been mobbed by an army of angry children. Widow Twankey is a sacred British institution. And think of the bad example you would have set for young Lewis.'`Bad example? He would have seen someone defending a loved one. How is that bad?'`You would do that for me? Risk disembowelment by a horde of future footie louts? That's so sweet.'`Disembowelment? I didn't realise these children were footsie louts in the making. Maybe a black eye, Lewis, but disembowelment? That's rather extreme--I would have to think about that. But, of course, if I had been there, Dame Tinkle would have awarded me the Brighton Rock, and you would have had to defend my honour and risk a moppet mauling. So it is a moot point.'`Oh thanks. That makes me feel much better.'`I hope so. Your curry must be hot by now. Go into the dining room and I'll bring it in.'`Ari, what's this?'`What's what, love?'`This small tree on the sideboard.'`Well, I didn't have anything to do this afternoon, since you were out contributing to the delinquency of minors with your demonstrations of rock-sucking techniques. So I decided to do a bit of decorating. And I found this small tree in a pot. And I thought a bit of green would brighten the dining room. Besides cedar always smells nice.'`But we decided we wouldn't celebrate Christmas. I mean it is a Christian holiday and you're . . . .'`And I'm not. It's just a tree, Lewis. It has nothing to do with Christmas.'`Just a tree?'`Just a tree. It's just for decoration. Just like those candles that you put in all the windows a couple of weeks ago were just pretty decorations. Now eat your dinner. Say "Thank you, Ari," and don't mention it again.'`Thank you, Ari.'`My pleasure, Lewis.'`The tree looks nice. It was a good idea.'`So were the candles. Now eat your curry before it gets cold.'******`God, that bathroom is cold. We have to buy a heater to put in there.'`Hmmm. Maybe if we got one that could be anchored on the wall so it wouldn't fall into the bath.'`Should I turn down the fire?'`Only if you agree to stay close all night.'`I think I can do that, Lewis. Let me under the blankets. When we bought this place, we were so entranced by the view that we didn't give a thought to what it would be like during the winter. There's got to be some way to heat this place. What are we going to do when we've been here forty years and get old and the cold starts really bothering us?'`Ooo, your feet are so cold.'`It's that flagstone floor in the bathroom. We're both going to have chilblains before the winter's out.'`I have something that may help.'`Hmmm, do you? I know all about your help. I was hoping you were in the mood for that kind of help.'`That, too. But this is different. I wasn't going to give you this until tomorrow, but since you brought the subject up, here, this is to celebrate our sixth-month anniversary in the house, and our 424th day of living together.'`Lewis, this looks suspiciously like a present.'`No, it's not a present. It's just a stray thought from the man who loves you.'`Fleece-lined slippers? Oh, Lewis, these are perfect.'`They're just slippers, Ari. Just say "Thank you, Lewis," and don't mention them again. Try them on.'`Thank you, Lewis. Oh, the fit's just right. How did you know the size?'`My pleasure, Ari. And I know your shoe size.'`Hmmm, I suppose you do.'`Where are you going? It's getting cold in bed without you.'`Won't be a tic. I just have to get something out of the other bedroom.'`What's this?'`It's a stray thought to celebrate Hogmanay from the man who loves you.'`Hogmanay?'`I looked it up. It's a Scotch holiday to mark the beginning of winter. Although I do not understand why anyone would want to mark the beginning of winter.'`It must be a Scottish thing. Ah, I see. Scotch holiday. A bottle of whiskey.'`I thought it appropriate to the season, and to this house. Something to keep you warm inside.'`Oh, Ari, you keep me warm inside. Always.'`Lewis, you're going to make me cry. I may break into song.'`Not Kate Bush, please, Ari, not Kate Bush. You're going to sing "Wuthering Heights" again, aren't you? "Teacup, it's me, it's Ari. I've come home now. Oh o oh o. It's so cold out. Let me inna your windoh o oh ow." '`Appropriate considering the temperature, but actually I was thinking of"I hear him, before I go to sleep And focus on the day that's been. I realise he's there, When I Hussyfan Lolita turn the light off and turn over. Telling me about the sea. All his love, till eternity. Oh, he's here again. The man with the child in his eyes." '`Oh, Ari, what did I ever do to deserve you?'`Lewis, dear heart, it would take me fifty years to list all the reasons. But for right now, you know what an awful sweet tooth I have. And I've Hussyfan Lolita been thinking of Brighton Rock all evening.'`Have you? Coincidentally, I happen to have a stick of that on me.'`Hmmm, so you do, Lewis, so you do. How thoughtful of you to bring it to bed with you. That just might satisfy my craving--for a while, anyway. And now I will sing a line from "Wuthering Heights": "Oooo, let me grab it. Let me have your tool oh o oh o." '
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Официальный сайт Елены Голуновой

Здравствуйте! Меня зовут Елена Голунова, я приветствую Вас на своем официальном сайте! Здесь Вы найдете информацию обо мне и фотографии, а так же через мой сайт вы сможете задать мне вопрос пройдя тест.

Я урожанка Новосибирска и мне 43 года, экстросенсорикой я занимаюсь очень давно в основном черная магия меня интересует которая не менее эффективна чем белая магия.

У меня трое сыновей, Влад который Кадони 25-и лет, до него Виктор Голунов и средний сын Дмитрий которому 15 лет и он уже обладает способностями.

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